Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cali with my brOthers

My brothers and I went out to palm desert to visit these lovely folks for Easter

every time we go there we go to my favorite Mexican restaurant- Las Casuelasthey also have extremely large margaritas....

the easter bunny got me my first TIFFANY's!!!

it was a short trip, but a nice get-a-way:)

Sunday, April 24, 2011


in true megan fashion, since we did vegas AND a surprise dinner for whit, i had to do a surprise party for mindy :) we had dinner at chili's with friends and co workers and then we went to a bar in SLC called gracie's. it's by far our favorite bar! i have known mindy for 5 years. she used to be my supervisor when i worked as a supervisor in slc. we have been through A LOT together and i do not know where i would be without her.


teya, whit and me

ashley and i

me, dre, court and lynds

Saturday, April 9, 2011

fun night out!

me, whit, mindy and heather went out to the HUKA bar for my friend alex's birthday (didn't get many pictures but here's the ones we did :))


Man oh man do I loooooooove Las Vegas!! We decided to go for Whitney's birthday. That was the best decision of the month! :)

Whit's suitcase was a LITTLE bigger than mine...

Mindy and I

I'm always making fun of my boobs (or lack there of) please see the below picture and you will understand what i'm up against when it comes to my friends...

at least he's honest??

we had a BLAST the night we got to Vegas.

we headed out to a club called TAO.

we lost Whitney.

our credit cards, ID's and mindy's cash got stolen.

still couldn't find whitney.

mindy and i walked.

for an hour.

back to our hotel because we had no money to get a cab.

my GIANT cup of coffee the next morning.

i needed a POOL after the night we had.

whilst shopping, we met Dick Butkus.

Mindy and her husband are HUGE Bears fans.

she bought her husband a signed mini helmet :)
that night we went to La Reve (cirque de soleil show)
whit's birthday dinner!

our last night out :(


Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Whit!

Even though we went to Vegas for Whit's birthday... we wanted to do a surprise dinner for her too.. so we went with her sister candice and her boyfriend jason, whit's friend rachel (seen in the very right hand side of this pic) AND mindy and her husband!

Happy Birfday Whit!!!! Thank you for being such an AMAZING friend!!

i love you!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Temple Square 2010

We went to temple square with mindy and her family. it was cold but it was a lot of fun. i'm so glad we have great friends like mindy and kevin and that their kids and the boys get along so well!
Mindy's youngest boy Christopher

We went to JB's after for cookies and hot chocolate... our waitress didn't know what was about to hit her....lolKevin messing around with my camera....

Stella and her boys!

Stella loves the boys so much. she is always trying to cuddle with them while they watch tv or just sit by them. she always wants to be near them :)